Art is meant to disturb, science reassures.

This quote from French painter Georges Braque sums up much of modern thinking. Art and science are two streams that have diverged from modern cultural expression; they may mingle, but remain as distinct as oil and water. Artists are the intuitive, explosive, and sometimes incomprehensible testers of our social boundaries. Scientists set those boundaries by calmly and consistently shining the torch of reason.

For those who have some experience in ArtTech, this will give a vital insight into the breadth and depth of this field. For those new to the entire concept, it is the perfect way to dive in. From generative designs, immersive installations, and big data storytelling, to virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, we showcase how the possibilities of art are being sculpted anew. You will be introduced to a selection of these innovations from exciting artists who challenge the cultural definitions of art and technology, and their boundaries.

It might seem anachronistic to the point of irony for a print magazine to showcase ArtTech. But we are dipping into old media as a platform from which we can dive into the new. As you enjoy our inaugural exploration of how innovation in science and technology is transforming artistic expression, you can look forward to new online platforms, apps, and festivals celebrating ArtTech to come.


Addie Wagenknecht | Andreas Refsgaard | Anouk Wipprecht | Carlo Ratti Associati | Chomko & Rosier | Christopher Noelle | D-Fuse | flora&faunavisions | Hannah Davis | IDEASKETCH | John Wong | Kevin Abosch | Leviathan | Ouchhh | Quayola | Refik Anadol Studio | Sosolimited | Sougwen Chung | Studio Drift | XRT


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